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货车被偷油了; 钱被挪用了,这情况可以用一个短语来表达









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本帖最后由 wangyou 于 2019-11-3 03:16 编辑
: v* h8 b- }; k. t6 p, h; ]2 p& d& j2 p
有些货车停在那里,晚上居然被偷油了,因为货车需要的汽油或者柴油多,贼容易下手。如果用英语来描述,你会怎么想到怎么表达呢?另一个情况,经常听说哪个贪官把钱给挪用了,这些情况可以用英语来表达,可以说千万种。但上述两个情况,都可以用一个短语来表达,而且非常地道形象。请看:: n8 q; o/ D8 l, s. D
siphon1 9 C??p- H0 }& e
/ ?sa?f?n ; ?sa?f?n / noun [C] also syphon [BrE]
0 {4 W, l/ P+ q+ P2 E* k; V1. a bent tube used for getting liquid out of a container, used by holding one end of the tube at a lower level than the end in the container* t+ q1 w/ C) H/ n
? 虹吸管
0 {$ H7 Z5 D7 O: {% L" W0 J5 j6 ]2. also soda siphon a type of bottle for holding SODA WATER , which is forced out of the bottle using gas pressure
1 v( d, A% M& p??x+ Q4 h? (压杆式)苏打水瓶
5 W2 v1 g3 |. M5 ?# J* l1 Y" A0 R?verb [T always + adv / prep] also syphon [BrE]
7 A/ a0 J5 i. U3 n" h8 i1. also siphon sth off / out to remove liquid from a container by using a siphon
/ s6 ~3 N/ }& z( T# c' ^- s? 用虹吸管吸出:# D6 E8 f' ]0 N
?It took him only a few minutes to siphon off the petrol and drive away./ }. o& T% _! ]
??他只用了几分钟就用虹吸管吸出汽油,开车走了。' n* h??E1 Q" Z" A
?siphon sth out of / from sth
# f1 M2 {9 E: j ?Crews began siphoning oil from the leaking boat.' b9 n9 y: O: p9 J
??船员开始用虹吸管从漏水的船上把油抽走。( o7 x: A) O0 e9 T: v( c$ |9 a
2. also siphon sth off to dishonestly take money from a business, account etc to use it for a purpose for which it was not intended- W) d; x2 O) F9 B4 w4 ?
? 私自抽调,挪用〔钱款〕:
, U2 h% |0 f8 N' \ ?Emergency aid was siphoned off by foreign ministry officials for their own use.5 H8 S& y4 R8 C$ w, @
$ Z5 O8 v/ n% p ?siphon sth from sth
, }2 t- f??P% o- M, ~: o' ]; N ?I found she had siphoned thousands of dollars from our bank account.
??g5 V1 y0 g( E- d??我发现她偷偷地从我们的银行账户里转移走了数千美元。 : A6 W1 P: ^' p& E# X
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