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& g/ Q! |) C8 {7 k' \
( M/ x* j4 Q" k$ b1 a8 d??e' _- J! Vhaul1 / h?l ; h??l /
( A9 D??B, L7 I/ K8 j? verb [T] 3 K# ^# I??P# w, \- k
1. to pull something heavy with a continuous steady movement' u4 p9 f4 m3 S/ ]% s& D
? 拖,拉:$ a$ v) F, ]# U. X8 B) s
?haul sth off / onto / out of etc sth! \/ C7 J% Q5 y$ O# u1 |
?She hauled her backpack onto her back.
7 O* G- W( r/ E) s??她背上沉重的背包。% y# ]5 @$ @% R/ h! K, f/ ?
?the steam locomotive which hauled the train
$ U. q! e; g% s- R) R6 ???拖动火车的蒸汽机车# q! p& M0 Y6 \6 U, s- ^
?I hauled the door shut behind me.
- d% q( M$ G4 V! `2 l# {! p% y$ N??我用力拽上了门。
0 ~% D7 f9 p- i) b+ l: w& y) Q2. haul yourself up / out of sth etc+ W8 l: r( l2 [0 G# Q# ~' L( {1 Q
a. to move somewhere with a lot of effort, especially because you are injured or tired7 x1 r$ }8 \3 F' j
? 吃力地挪向/走出〔某处等〕:; a# z: {/ a* U; y7 ?, E. v7 h
?Patrick hauled himself painfully up the stairs.
4 Q8 h9 W" x3 w/ P! O5 b. ^??帕特里克拖着沉重的步伐痛苦地走上了楼梯。
0 x$ d" k$ P7 ?# V+ O6 ]b. to succeed in achieving a higher position in society, in a competition etc
: H, z$ X1 _' O; b! X* U- t? 提高〔社会地位、比赛中的排名等〕:7 L+ k9 [- y5 }
?He is confident that the club can haul themselves further up the league.
5 @! j" r! K8 g0 ~/ H- u??他肯定那家具乐部在联赛中的排名还会提前。
: s% S( I6 k" l. _& M3. haul sb over the coals, [size=+0][BrE] to criticize someone severely because they have done something wrong
9 d8 f& q( W5 U3 R? 狠狠责备(训斥)某人;
6 Z; `0 b! L* _- G8 \9 h, Y??V【SYN】 rake sb over the coals [AmE] ( v! }% _- s3 x' m* p
4. haul off and hit / punch / kick sb, [size=+0][AmE informal] to try to hit someone very hard, W; \, h- f. @. N" `* \8 b???8 d8 C
? 猛地重击/挥拳打/踢某人
8 k# r0 x# ~3 U* L, w5. haul ass, [AmE spoken not polite] to hurry9 |$ r4 t/ ]7 ^8 i- E
? 赶快【PHR V】
; A6 N: x6 D# X: R& \2 G2 b$ D?haul sb off
" o( g??W2 {1 H% |7 \? to force someone to go somewhere that they do not want to go, especially to prison. C2 d2 _) B/ Y
? 强迫〔某人〕去某处;〔尤指〕押送〔某人〕至监狱:
: ]9 `??U, M. E; K/ A4 ^' z ?Police handcuffed him and hauled him off to jail.
1 H- S3 W' n. V$ g/ A: P??警察给他戴上手铐,把他押送至监狱。
. R, H' ^# g# v( _* T( L?haul sb up
! x; b; i- V! u/ r& W% b? [informal] to officially bring someone to a court of law to be judged
8 O' P5 B6 @: ?: z, K+ y? 传讯〔某人〕,把〔某人〕送上法庭受审:- ]/ G* p, D2 w( B+ T8 \
? [+ before / in front of ]4 t4 I7 i* X??J4 t
?Campbell was hauled up in front of the magistrate.7 B; q" F( s0 ]! P
haul2 1 S6 [6 |$ @# }5 x( e" X
? noun [C] . r+ r4 J. P8 T' F1 `% e
1. a large amount of illegal or stolen goods
& b( x% z??[; T, w) e1 z* N? 〔一大批〕非法物品,赃物:
0 T$ }3 Q% f1 \* K ?The gang escaped with a haul worth hundreds of pounds.
3 [7 `% G$ z7 L/ [. W+ j$ c??匪徒带着价值数百英镑的赃物逃跑了。
0 t. |" e3 e1 O& G" M) q$ v8 a? [+ of ]8 C??q4 b) j8 b0 W# N. q1 L
?A haul of stolen cars has been seized by police officers.
3 {) \# U9 I9 `, s( m8 S$ S??一批被盗汽车被警察截获。
9 Y9 u% K5 H5 B# z9 ?& t* J2. long / slow haul, [size=+0]something that takes a lot of time and effort
+ P2 ^, H3 k: h, t? 耗时费力的事:7 h1 \# w. c8 C" M* I7 c1 X! t0 K+ K
?At last we've won our freedom but it's been a long bitter haul .) b- Q2 Q0 l. |$ r! e2 {* v
* y1 Z5 t4 Y& _, k) b8 m3. the amount of fish caught when fishing with a net
4 z, P/ o/ g% b; r? 一网的捕鱼量??U1 j# ?4 Q% z& ^0 R; V0 g6 u
LONG-HAUL, adj. long-haul flight / route / destination etc, [size=+0]a long-haul flight etc is over a very long distance
5 K$ `: a6 S0 ]? 长途飞行/路线/旅程目的地等;
* a* o5 M# h7 W% LSHORT-HAUL, adj. a short-haul aircraft or flight travels a fairly short distance
9 m$ A- k- e' ^2 {- I? 〔飞机航程〕短距离的,短途的;
) ~. J" G??g2 H% p
1 ^5 k$ h% A' s
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